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2012 census estimates Rwanda`s population at 10.5 million.



ImageThe provisional results of the 4th Population and Housing Census of Rwanda as of “census night”, August 15th 2012, give a total resident population of 10,537,222 people. Compared to the enumerated population in 2002 Census of 8,128,553, this implies an increase of about 29.6% and an average annual growth rate of 2.6%. This was announced yesterday by Finance and Economic Planning minister John Rwangombwa.

Statistics from the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda show that at the provincial level, the Eastern Province has the highest population of about 2,600,814 people, whilst Kigali City with 1,135,428 people has the lowest population.

At the district level, Gasabo and Nyagatare are the districts with the highest population with 530,907 and 446,944 people respectively, whilst the districts with the least population are Nyarugende ( 284,860) and Rulindo ( 288,452).

While the national average annual population growth rate is 2.6% during the intercensal period (2002-2012), it is higher in the Eastern Province (4.3%) and Kigali City (4.0%) and lowest in the Northern Province (1.0%).

The sex composition of the population, as measured by the sex ratio, indicates that, at national level, there are 93 men per 100 women in 2012 whilst this ratio was 91 in 2002. In Kigali City however, there are more men than women; with 106 men per 100 women.

The population density has increased from 321 persons per sq.km in 2002 to 416 in 2012 at national level; the highest in the East African Region and quite high compare to other countries globally.

Yusuf Murangwa, the Director General of the National Institute of Statistics in Rwanda signed a document containing the above statistics on 29th November 2012.


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