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Mon pays va mal !!!


The title of the song «mon pays va mal» by Tiken Jah fakoly  literally meaning my country is doing badly can best describe the state of mind in which most Burundians are in these days. Most people living in Burundi are hopeless when they look at the situation prevailing in the country. Newspapers and radios always broadcast bad news occurring all over the country. The latest report by Forbes, the American magazine has recently classified Burundi on the 6th place among the saddest country in the world to live in.Image

Early morning on Sunday 27th 2013, the capital city woke up on another bad news. Bujumbura central market was on fire and everyone was helplessly looking at it as it was burning. Authorities could not do anything to stop the market from the blazing fire. The market was serving more than 3000 merchants who were trading in that market and they could not do anything to save their belongings. What is so sad about this is the way authorities were not prepared to stop a fire of such magnitude.

Last year when the country was celebrating 50 years of its independence, the population was impressed by vehicles of fire-fighters that were being displayed on the parade in the capital city in the presence of dignitaries coming from all over the world. When the market was being destroyed by the fire, people could only see one fire-fighter vehicle that was not enough to put the fire down. People residing in Bujumbura were asking each other where are other fire-fighter vehicles that were displayed on the independence day. Many of my Facebook friends  living in Bujumbura were jokingly displaying pictures of those vehicles that were displayed on the independence day and the only one that appeared to save the market.

At the end of the day, residents from Bujumbura were only thankful for the helping hand from Rwanda that sent helicopters to stop the fire. Two helicopters were sent from Kigali to quench the fire that had already devastated the whole market and claimed victims and belongings that haven`t yet been accounted for. This tragedy is another one that come to worsen the situation in which citizens of Burundi are living in. Having born and grown up in Burundi, I always ask myself when the situation will get normal again. For most of us who grew up in Burundi, we know how peaceful and nice the country was in the 80`s.Image

The American magazine Forbes, in its latest classification of the happiest and saddest country to live in put Burundi on 6th place among the saddest country to live in. Although Burundi in itself is a beautiful and potentially rich country, it finds itself ranking number six as the saddest country in the world to live in after the like of  Afghanistan, Chad, etc. I am one of those who believe that Burundi doesn`t deserve to be in such kind of situation when you look at its beauty and natural resources potentiality. What has gone wrong? Maybe the spirits of our ancestors are angry when you look at the level of corruption and lawlessness that are actually prevailing in Burundi. God knows. It is my prayer that Burundi the country of “honey and milk” as it used to be called will soon recover and finds itself on the right track.


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