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MKU first graduation amid Rwanda`s educational challenges

Mount Kenya University held its first graduation party at Nobleza Hotel in Kicukiro district  for 52 students who graduated from its Kigali campus.  Since the Kenya based university started its operations back in 2010, today the 8th February is the first time that it is organizing such an event. The group of proud students is composed of 14 females and 38 males who mostly got a master degree in various disciplines such as  finance and accounting, Human resource management, project management, community development and NGOs management, policy and public management. Only 2 students got a bachelor degree in commerce.


This event was also an opportunity to launch MKU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION RWANDA CHAPTER. The graduation ceremony took place back on the 7th of September 2012 at its main campus in Thika, Kenya. The group of 52 students who attended the party had to travel to Kenya to attend the graduation ceremony. Today was an opportunity for them to celebrate their achievement in the presence of their family members and other invited guests.

I asked Mr Humphrey Mutegi, the Assistant Associate who is also the dean of students what is so special with this group of graduates. Students graduating from universities in Rwanda keep increasing yet those who find or create employment are few. Mr Mutegi said that the university is first of all proud of the fact that it is bringing an educational standard which is equivalent to any international standard.

However, Mr Mutesi was quick to say that the fact that the Rwandan system of education is coming from a francophone system of education to an English one constitutes a hindrance in itself. He said that the university understands the challenges for students and itself as both of them are learning. He point out that most lecturers are coming from Kenya and are also learning to teach in a new environment and that the university is ready to move together with students to meet the challenges.

Mr Mutegi went on saying that the candidates the university is producing in Rwanda are equivalent and sometimes better than their Kenyan counterparts. He emphasized that the issue of quality is not negotiable for the Kenya based university given that it has recently been ISO certified which is a serious benchmark internationally. He gave an example that a student from Rwanda who graduates from Mount Kenya University can go to Kenya and apply for a job having the same standard with those who graduated from Kenya.


The university is planning to partner with companies in Rwanda to address the issue of quality of students who graduate. It needs to understand what are the expectations companies have because skills required in the marketplace keep changing especially in technology field. Mr Mutegi mentioned that the university is to engage big companies  operating in Rwanda so that it can understand what they want and be able to give them the kind of competent employees they expect.

The Alumni association  Rwanda chapter that was launched today will be constituted by students who will be graduating from Kigali campus and the university hope that they will be good ambassadors who will continually be informing it about the situation on the marketplace.



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