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Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda Receives US$ 50000 Grant

ImageCarnegie Mellon University in Rwanda (CMU-R) has been awarded a US$ 50,000 Grant from Ricoh Innovations Inc. The grant is intended to advance research on information and communication technology(ICT) for healthcare in developing countries according to the press release that came to my attention.

The unrestricted grant will be used to support the research of CMU-R’s Assistant Professor Hedda Schmidtke and Scholar-in-Residence Suzana Brown in the area of ICT for healthcare according to the press release that was released on February 13, 2013 by CMU-Rwanda .

Carnegie-Mellon-university studentsCMU‐Rwanda has identified ICT for healthcare as a principal research thrust because of the profound impact that advances in this sector can have in developing countries. Creative innovations that address the needs of developing countries have the potential for significant impact because of the growing demands on limited expensive medical resources.

“We are delighted to receive this grant from RII”, stated Bruce Krogh, director of CMU-R. He was quoted as saying in the press release that it makes it possible for their faculty and students to launch new research into ICT innovations that will significantly improve healthcare in developing countries like Rwanda, particularly through the use of mobile technology.

Dr Nikhil Balram, president and CEO of RII said that they are proud to support this important research in Rwanda. He went on saying that Ricoh Innovations Inc. is working to advance Open Innovation in emerging countries through collaboration between industry and researchers, yielding both technological and academic advances. “The research carried out by CMU- Rwanda has the potential to improve the way healthcare is delivered not only in Rwanda, but throughout the world”, said the CEO of RII.

CMU-Rwanda began offering the Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program in August 2012. The 26 years old Clement Munyentwari is one of the students in this program. He told me that he is happy of the quality of education he is getting from competent professors from USA and Germany. He said that all students  have been given laptop computers, Android and windows phone to develop mobile applications.

Isaac MPAGI in charge of brand and communications told me that the American based university has 25 students from Rwanda and one from Kenya. He went on saying that the university will start another Master program in electrical and computer engineering in August 2013 and that 60 more students will be admitted.


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