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A delegation of 23 officials from Tanzania on a field trip to Rwanda

ImageA group of 23 Mayors and other officials from  Mwanza and Shinyanga in Tanzania are on a three days field trip in two districts.They came to respectively tour the districts of Kicukiro in Kigali and Nyanza in the southern province.

ImageThe mayor of the district of Kicukiro, Paul Jules Ndamage yesterday held a meeting with these officials and was explaining to the delegation from Tanzania how the district is dealing with different issues that touches security, hygiene, and other issues that concern the environment. Also present at the meeting was the mayor of Nyanza Abdallah Murenzi who had come to meet the delegation that will also visit the district of Nyanza in the southern province.

The mayor of Kicukiro said that the officials are from Mwanza and Shinyanga and that they are part of an association called Revlac that regroup regions surrounding  Lac Victoria in which Kicukiro district is also part of . “They came to see how hygiene and environment are taken care of in the district of Kicukiro with the participation of citizens themselves” remarked the mayor of Kicukiro district. He reiterated  that they also want to understand how local government entities in Rwanda are  organizing  themselves In development activities without necessarily depend on the central government. 

ImageHenry Mtinda Matata the mayor of Mwanza, Remera municipality who was heading a delegation of 23 officials said that they came to see how Rwanda has performed in terms of environment, hygiene and in other sectors . “ We have seen that Rwanda has wonderfully performed in these domains when you compare to Kenya, Uganda where we have also been”.  He continues by saying  that in Mwanza, they have tried to clean the city for the last five years but they did not manage to reach where Rwanda has reached in terms of cleanliness.

After the meeting at Kicukiro district offices, the delegation headed to see the new market in Kabeza and were impressed by the level of hygiene that is there. David Nkulila, the deputy mayor of Shinyanga municipality said  that he is impressed by the way the market is clean and how they were charmingly received by the vendors and customers in Kabeza market.

The members of the delegation is composed of councilors, deputy mayors, environmentalist health officer, city health officers, economist  from the districts of Mwanza and Shinyanga in Tanzania. Asked how they planned to visit Rwanda, the mayor of Mwanza district Mr Henry Matata said that they always visit other countries in the region to share experience and learn from each other.

Danford M. Kamenya, the city health officer in Mwanza city council said that he is in charge of planning  and implementation of solid waste management activities and hygiene promotion. He went on saying that he makes sure that each household in the city of Mwanza has an improved toilet, clean water and live in healthy environment. Asked what he expects from this visit, he said that the visit is very useful to him as a person responsible for waste management because he has seen in Rwanda that if there is a political will everything is possible.

ImageBlandine Mwarabu, a woman councilor in Geite Chato, Mwanza  said that she came to learn from Rwanda about hygiene and the laws that are in force to protect the environment. She said that she was happy to see flowers and gardens in most corners of Rwanda. She reiterated that they also have such thing back home but that in Rwanda it is more beautiful. 

 After they finish with their visit in the district of Kicukiro and the city of Kigali, the delegation is  proceeding  to tour the district of Nyanza in the southern province to see irrigation and sanitation projects that are being implemented in Nyanza district.


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