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Rwanda to strengthen its partnership with China

ImageIn a recent interview that  Rwanda ambassador to China, Xavier Ngarambe had with Chinadaily.com.cn, he gave his thoughts on how China’s new leadership will shape its future and influence China-Rwanda relations.

He congratulated the new elected leadership in China and commended the out-going leadership for its incredible achievement during its 10 year mandate. “ China became a global player, the second largest economy in the world, China became one of the most important contributors to global science and thanks to a very committed leadership, disciplined and hard-working Chinese people”, commended Xavier Ngarambe to China daily reporter Xing Xudong.

Rwanda`s ambassador to China underlined that off course the new leadership will face challenges related to development issues like resources utilization and pressure on the environment . But he also pointed out that Rwanda is confident that the new leadership has a clear determination to address those issues.

He went on saying that social pressure to raise  wages for Chinese workers will create wonderful opportunities for Rwanda and African countries in general  to deal with Chinese industrial entrepreneurs and see how to relocate some manufacturing plants to Africa where wages are still low and conditions are favorable to all technologies.

Mr Xing Xudong commended the Rwandan hospitality offered to his team last year when they visited Rwanda. “We visited Rwanda and we were very much inspired by the Rwandan spirit and especially vision 2020”, said the China daily reporter.  He asked the Rwandan ambassador to China what he thinks about western countries getting more critical about China existence in Africa.

Mr.  Xavier Ngarambe said that the position of the president of Rwanda, the government and the people of Rwanda is that Rwanda have to protect its dignity, its dependence and that it has to design its own future and own its destiny.  He emphasized that Rwandans are mature enough to make their own decision and to know with whom they can deal and cooperate under which conditions.“Western countries are partnering with China in many areas and we don`t interfere in the way they are doing their businesses. So no one has authority to dictate in the way we deal with China,” concluded Rwanda ambassador to China.


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