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Brazil to mentor Rwanda on school feeding program



ImageNational Consultation on School Feeding in Rwanda is taking place at Serena Hotel in Kigali from 26-27 February 2013.  Rwanda as a  country need a healthy and dynamic human resources in the future so the school feeding program has a key role to play in  this”, said different officials in their opening remarks.

ImageDaniel Balaban (on the picture), the director of center of excellence against hunger in Brazil told me that this conference is part of a mission that Rwanda came to Brazil last year with 7 government officials and they stayed in Brazil for two weeks just to exchange information and experience with the government of Brazil about school feeding program. “The government of Rwanda showed an intention to create a national school feeding program that is why we are here to discuss the national school feeding program with the Rwandan community and other concerned parties  to show the best way to organize this program in Rwanda”.

When I asked him about the school feeding program is in Brazil, Daniel Balaban said that Brazil has a US$ 2 billion annual school feeding program with around 47 million school children from nursery up to high school. He went on saying that each day, children get 3 meals a day and it is a huge success because maintaining kids in school they need healthy food and this food is purchased from small farmers.

Brazil is a good example to Rwanda because it is a country where you can see poverty as in Rwanda. “ Brazil has a lot of problems to solve the same as Rwanda  but we are trying to find solutions for zero hunger in school and this is something that Rwanda can learn from us” said the director of center of excellence against hunger in Brazil.

The national consultation is organized in conjunction with the World Food Program.  UNICEF is also represented as well as different government ministries such as the ministry of education and ministry of agriculture and other Non-Governmental organizations. . This national dialogue has also seen the participation of local government authorities from different districts of Rwanda. Uwambajemariya Florence, the vice mayor of the district of Burera told me that she came to learn first hand how local government entities can bring their contributions in this important program for the country.


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