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Exclusive Interview with Rayon Sport coach: Didier Gomes da rosa

ImageDidier Gomes da rosa is the 43 years old Rayon Sport French coach since mid-November 2012. He had an amateur career in France after having received an internship at a professional club in league 1. Didier Gomes  started his career as a coach for  6 years after having graduated from a UEFA License. He is married and is the father of a 14 year old girl.  

He gave me an exclusive interview  on his career as Rayon Sport coach and his life in Rwanda after 5 months  at the helm of Rayon Sport.

Good morning. How do you feel in Nyanza?

Didier Gomes: Good morning. In our town of Nyanza, I like it here and people are very warm and friendly. Nyanza is a quiet and peaceful city and I have found a lot of well being here. I  have asked our Mayor that our  training and accommodations continue to be here. It is quiet and you can see that the players don `t have any special entertainment like this may be the case in Kigali. We have a football ground for training at our disposal and we can have 2 or 3 training sessions per day. Players are housed together and it creates a sense of solidarity among them.

How did you found yourself  in Rwanda?

It’s been 2 to 3 years that I `m interested in Rwandan football since the epic of Richard Tardy at World Cup in Mexico. I found in the Rwandan football a lot of potentialities, a lot of envy to do well and move on. In addition to that, I have fallen in love with the country of a thousand hills.  I fixed myself a goal to come to work in Rwanda. It is true that I have  been in contact with other local clubs but` when I  received the proposal from  the Mayor of Nyanza to coach the great team of Rayon Sport I did not have to hesitate a second. I’m really honored that he has trusted me to coach Rayon Sport.

Many people think that Rayon Sport plays good football now. What is it that you have brought to Rayon Sport?

It `s true that Rayon Sport` s football style has improved for the last three months. It makes me think that if I have this team for 2 to 3 years, it will be even stronger. I  tried to  bring a certain philosophy but also the credit goes to the players who have adapted to my methods of work, my philosophy of the game and my requirements because I am a very demanding coach. When there is a lot of work, progress is the outcome. We have decided to establish a game of short passes and mobility that correspond to  players who are on my team.

You occupy the first position in the league. What is your view about this?

It `s true we are first in the league now. I remember in November last year we were at 12th position and we were trailing the leader by 12 points . We took match by match with a lot of determination and now we are first with a point in advance. There is still a way to go to win the title but we are on a very nice road to win the title. We have positive and dynamic players full of confidence. I see players who individually improve and reach good levels.

What do you think of the match against APR this weekend?

We have already played twice this year. We lost once in the final of RPF anniversary and then the league match was a 2-2 draw. We have shown immaturity in that game as we had led them 2-0 for most part of the match. Now you feel a team of Rayon Sport very solid with much of experience. I believe that today `if we were to lead 2-0 against APR, we would win the game without a doubt.

What do you think about the general situation of the team?

We are lucky to count on our leaders, including a mayor and president of the team that is truly exceptional. We feel that he carries Rayon Sport deeply in his heart as he tries his best to find solutions to our issues. This year the leaders of Rayon Sport have given a new impetus to the administrative and financial level and I think the mission has already been achieved. Even if the club has to deal with problems such as the issue of Raoul Shungu, the fans and the whole club  trust President Abdallah Murenzi to effectively deal with it.

Don `t you have plans to bring new players to strengthen the team ?

Well, I have already a list for recruitment next year.  It is a list composed of young players that have the potential to play in Europe one day or another` at a condition that they keep  working hard and progress. I have already located 4 or 5 best young players in Rwanda and I would like to have them next year. Recruitment will depend on our position at the end of the league and in any case I know exactly who I want in my team by next year.

What is your dream at Rayon Sport?

First I had a dream to train abroad and then when I came into contact with Rayon Sport`s  president my dream came through. When I arrived here I dreamed to bring Rayon Sport at the top of the league. Today we have reached this goal and the next goal is to win the league and then we will dream to do well in the champions league. But everything has its time as I often say we should not sell the skin of  the bear without first killing it . We are currently at the top of the league and there are 8 matches to play till the end of the season. That means 8 confrontations and  if we negotiate them  in the same way we have played for the last three months we can reach our dream but in the meantime we must fight till the end.

What is your view on the general level of Rwandan football?

I think the Rwandan football has many qualities, potentialities and that they need to be  developed . Rwandan football is fortunate to have a man like Richard Tardy to implement a lot of things on the national level. I know he has many projects including the project for young people. The federation should help him in this task because the Rwandan football will not grow if we do not develop youth football. We can for example empower Rwandan clubs to create academies very consistent for youth. The development of Rwandan football has to go through the establishment of coherent structures that are adapted to young players.

What is the status of your contract with Rayon Sport?

I have a contract for one year and I hope that the leaders of the team will propose me an extension of the contract because I really like here. I have met wonderful fans and I am always full of emotions when we play  games in Kigali or elsewhere and meet thousands of our supporters.

 Thank you for your time to share your views.

You are welcome!!!





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