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£ 11.9 M Allocated to Innovation for Education Projects




Twenty six projects have been selected to receive funding worth £ 11.9 M for a period of two years.

25 organizations have signed contracts with Mac Donald Ltd, a company from UK managing the funds on behalf of the British and Rwandan government.

The amount that each project has received is between £ 68,000 and £ 700,000.

Many projects will be implemented in partnership between a Rwandan organization and a foreign one.

Innovation for education has attracted organizations from Europe, US and African countries such as Kenya and South Africa.

The ministry of education has a commitment to try out new innovation in education and to improve the quality of education in Rwanda.

The 26 projects spread all over the country especially in rural areas were launched last week in Gicumbi district in the presence of the minister of education Dr Vincent Biruta.

He said that not only people from Rwanda will learn from these projects but also people from other countries.

“We will share the learning process that will take place in Rwanda with other countries in the region and beyond”, said the minister of education.

Marc Van der Stouwe, the fund manager told IGIHE that two types of outcomes are expected from the 26 projects.

The projects need to prove that they have reached the learning outcomes for example whether skills have really improved, class practices and attitudes have improved or changed .

They have to prove that their innovations work.

Sharon Haba, the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of education was quoted as saying that innovations can really make a difference and bring a positive change in Rwandan classrooms.

Gemma Wislon-Clark, Education adviser at DFID Rwanda said that the projects under innovation for education will provide evidence of what works.

He noted that it will help the ministry of education to get more children into school whilst improving what they learn in the classroom.

Innovation for education is a partnership between the UK government and the government of Rwanda.


The UK government was keen to see innovative organizations receiving funds for projects that support the Government of Rwanda in generating and testing new, different ideas that address key challenges in the sector at all levels.

The innovation for education portfolio represent a total value of GBP 11.9 million that were funded by DFID.


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