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Thousands Join Walk to Remember


Over 5000 people attended ‘Walk to remember’ event that started at the parliament building in Kimihurura up to Amahoro national stadium.

The event that is aimed to remember the victims of the 1994 genocide is organized by ’Peace and Love Proclaimers’ (PLP) a youth initiative that promotes the role of forgiveness in healing the heart of Rwandans.

President Paul Kagame, Prime Minister Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi and other government officials joined thousands of young people in the walk that is part of ceremonies that will be organized countrywide to remember those who lost their lives during the genocide against Tusti that happened 19 years ago.


Marc Gwamaka, the director of Love and Peace Proclaimers said that all participants essentially made up by young people were there to remember the victims of the 1994 genocide against Tusti.


“ Most of these young people come from various places and we have also invited different personalities. Walk to remember has been here for 5 years and over 30000 people have attended this event that is annually organized in 12 countries worldwide”.

Miss Rwanda 2012, Kayibanda Mutesi Aurore was among thousands of young people that were present at the parliament building where the event started.


She requested her fellow youth to fight against the spirit of divisionism so that what happened in Rwanda will never happen again.

As someone involved in entertainment industry, Aurore said that youth constitute a big part of the population and that the message that is spread in songs, theaters, etc. should be a positive one as it has a great impact on young people.

Amahoro national stadium was packed with thousands of mourners as participants in the walk to remember chaired by president Paul Kagame entered the stadium.

Afterwards the president gave a flame of hope to youth members of Peace and Love Proclaimers initiative that have formed a symbol of hope in the pitch of the stadium.


A group of 10 young people successfully gave the message of hope and read the names of 100 victims of the 1994 genocide. “ To remember those who lost their lives in the genocide will not stop but we have to remember as we build our common future”, read one of the young people.

Various artists performed songs that are related to the commemoration of the genocide. Kizito Mihigo sang “ umujinya mwiza” that literally means good rage. His song encourage Rwandans not to revenge but to rebuild their country together for the benefits of all.


The song by Army band was saying that we will never forget those we lost in the genocide who were victims of injustice. Rehoboth ministry, Maria Yohana, and others were also part of a group of artists that performed at the event.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, the president of IBUKA said that this period is tough for many as it remind them what happened to their loved ones.

He noted that what is important is that the genocide did not take from Rwandans what they are worth. He reiterated that laws concerning those who committed the genocide to be established worldwide so that perpetrators can be arrested wherever they are.

The ceremonies were characterized by scenes of mourners who were emotionally traumatized. Fortunately volunteers were in all corners of the stadium to assist them.


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