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It is high time to strike a right balance between professional and family obligations


Few months ago my community was chocked by the suicide of a 13 years old high-school student. He came from school in an afternoon as usual, ate a piece of bread and drank milk. Afterwards he went to his room, carefully locked the door then hanged himself on a window using a belt.

Few hours later his family discovered the chocking and unthinkable news. The boy had left a piece of paper where he wrote “I love you all”. This sounds like a movie but it is something that happened to a family I personally know. The boy from a well to do family who was attending one of the best schools in the country did the unimaginable that raised many questions than answers.

People have given many reasons for his suicide; some even went far describing his death as witchcraft. I happen to have worked in a company belonging to his father and one day as he came to see his father at office he asked me a service. The boy wanted me to print him homework of pictures that he had to present at school. The pictures were scary and the boy told me that he like horror movies. He told me that he enjoyed watching something that is scary.

When he died I remembered what he told me and I was convinced that the boy might have been misled by movies he used to watch. The modern world we are living in is full of entertainment that takes a large amount of time to teenagers. Unfortunately parents are too busy to know what keeps busy their children. The houses are full of all kind appliances such as TV subscribed to thousands of channels in addition to computers that are connected to the internet.

In the case of the boy’s suicide and his family situation, his parents are businesspeople who are always busy and their house is equipped with modern equipment that I described above.  Some people argued that the boy committed suicide because his teacher had asked him to bring his parents at school the next day because he was not performing well in his grade. I think that reason in itself is not enough for a teenager to resolve to suicide. I suspect the movies and all sorts of entertainment he was exposed to have something to do with his suicide.

It is unthinkable how a boy who had all kinds of luxuries and was part of a loving family can go on to end his life in such circumstances. The modern world is leaving a short amount of time for parents to have a positive influence on their children’s lives. Children are left to themselves and the messages that are coming from the Medias they are consuming are the one that are influencing them more than parents. What then can be done to halt this phenomenon?

In my view governments in partnership with the private sector should recognize that parents have the responsibility to raise children that will be part of the next generation. If the latter is helplessly left to the Medias that sometimes send wrong messages,  the future of our society is really at stake.

There is a need to give more time to parents so that they can have a positive impact on the next generation otherwise the society as a whole will pay a high price.Now that women have joined workforce and have no time to take care of their siblings it is high time our societies find a right balance between professional and family obligations.




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